8 High Cholesterol Myths VS Facts

By | January 27, 2019
Heart disease and stroke leading cause of death 2016

Have you wondered about the cholesterol myth? I increased my waist and pant size, when I  ate low fat foods full of chains of carbohydrate sugars. And over the years started finding out, more and more, about cholesterol myths. There are more than 8 high cholesterol myths vs facts that are evidence based that follow:

FACT Number 1: Heart Disease and Strokes:

the Leading Cause of Death for the Last 15 Years. A total of 15.2 million deaths occurred  in 2016 from heart disease and stroke.  View this World Health Organisation graph showing heart (Ischemic) disease and strokes as the leading cause of death globally.

 MYTH Number 1: High Cholesterol Kills You

The Standard Heart health Medical  treatment and advice of:

  • #1. Cholesterol lowering medication (statins)
  • #2. High Blood pressure medication
  • #3. Low fat diets
  • #4. Operations

has NOT successfully reduced heart disease and stroke numbers. SEE the WHO graph above.

MYTH Number 2: High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease and Strokes 

FACT Number 2: Unresolved Inflammation Triggers Heart Disease Development Says Research (1), (2), (3), (4)

Your blood vessels and arteries throughout your body are tube like structures. The center is hollow and is surrounded by a wall. This wall is made up of several layers, of what was once thought of as inert (neutral) substances, known as the endothelium or endothelium cells.

Inflammation from an injury and chronic inflammation are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammation medications suppress the pain trigger in your body. But unfortunately they do not heal the underlying damage.

Unresolved inflammation then occurs in your body. This sets up a cascade of misfiring by your immune system.

Heart disease is known as Atherothrombosis. Blood clots and chronic swelling form within the endothelium walls or your arteries. Inflammation plays a role in all stages of heart disease. Chronic or unresolved inflammation is the underlying cause of all sudden cardiac death (SCD).

The consequence of chronic inflammation is endothelial  (inner walls of your blood vessels or arteries) dysfunction that sets in. This is defined as an integrated marker of the damage to arterial walls. The atherosclerosis, which develop when his is happening inside your arteries, is the main cause for SUDDEN DEATH and uncontrolled chronic biological inflammation, which quickly causes endothelial dysfunction.

 MYTH Number 3: The Higher Your Cholesterol the Sooner You Die of Heart Disease or a Stroke

FACT Number 3: Nine Ways Low Cholesterol is Life Threatening for YOU as a Patient – Says Evidence

#3.1 Prostate Cancer Risk Increases 

Prostate cancer risk increases if you have low cholesterol, –  high physical fitness and low BMI (body-mass-index).

#3.2 Strokes Risk Increases Says Studies of  1,430,141 people

Your risk of having a strokes or internal bleeding happening in your brain increases -if your total cholesterol levels are low. This 2013 review of 23 studies involved 1,430,141 people. – They found that higher levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) – the ‘bad cholesterol’ were linked to a LOWER RISK of YOU HAVING a STROKE.

#3.3 Cancer Tumours Increase in Size

Research –  has found that cholesterol lowering medication is linked to tumours increasing in size, when they are already present in your body.

#3.4 Cancer Risk Increases with Low Cholesterol Levels

A 1988 – study of 39,268 men and women aged 15-99 years were cancer free at the start of this 10-year study.

It was found that those with low cholesterol levels had an increased occurrence of cancer.

#3.5 Low Total Cholesterol Lower Than 189mg/dl (4.9mmol/L) Signals Rapidly Declining Health in Elderly
#3.6 Low Total Cholesterol Indicates Higher Death Rate
#3.7 Low Total Cholesterol Levels Increase Risk of Parkinson Disease

High total cholesterol levels protected the brain of the 6465 people aged over 55 years who took place in the  Rotterdam Study.    The Oxford Academic American Journal of Epidemiology 2006 carried out this  study.

Everybody was examined – then they were all re-examined 9.4 years later. It was discovered that higher total cholesterol levels, were associated with a lower number of the women members of the group developing Parkinson’s disease.

Here are the surprising findings of the Rotterdam study:


  • BELOW 6.1 mmol/L (110 mg/dl) increased Parkinson risk by 58%
  • BETWEEN 6.1 – 6.8 mmol/L (110 – 122 mg/dl) increased Parkinson risk by 46%
  • BETWEEN 6.8 – 7.0 mmol/L (122 – 126 mg/dl) increased Parkinson risk by 16%
#3.8 Low Total Cholesterol Linked to Depression and Anxiety in Women

Low triglycerides and low total cholesterol are linked to increased rates of depression in healthy young women this 1999 research found.

#3.9 Low cholesterol levels link to depression and suicide in male war veterans

4500 US – war veterans were studied for 15 years. Researchers found that the men with depression and low total cholesterol were 7 more times likely to die prematurely of an accident or suicide than the other men in the study.

MYTH Number 4: High Cholesterol Blocks Your Arteries

FACT Number 4: Unresolved Inflammation Causes Excessive Swelling and Blocks Your Hearts Arteries – Says Research

When inflammation is unable to be repaired or unresolved, it turns into harmful reactions and becomes chronic inflammation. This repeats and over stimulates damaging mechanisms, which causes the formation of atherosclerotic lesions (damage to the internal walls of your arteries).

What happens inside your arteries when silent inflammation is at work?

  • Your blood vessel walls get thicker
  • This thickness means the inside size gets smaller
  • Plaques start to grow and gradually get bigger
  • Plaques make blood clots which get into your bloodstream and cause blockages

 MYTH Number 5: Saturated Fat Is Harmful

FACT Number 5: Saturated Fat Does Not Clog Arteries – Says Research


MYTH Number 6: Polyunsaturated Omega 6 Oils Are Healthy Options

FACT Number 6: Carbohydrate and Polyunsaturated (Omega 6 vegetable oils) Fat Intake Were Associated with Greater Progression of Heart Disease in Postmenopausal Women – Says Research

 MYTH Number 7: Blood Pressure Lowering Medication Effectively Treats Hypertension

FACT Number 7: Blood Pressure Medication Does Not Fix the Hidden Cause – Says Research

Medical research shows that despite drugs achieving normal blood pressure numbers, the silent damage happening inside your blood vessels is not prevented or healed.

 MYTH Number 8: Cholesterol Medications (Statins) do not Affect Your Sex Hormones or Sex Organs

 FACT Number 8: Statins Could Decrease Your Testosterone Levels When It Blocks and Reduces the Availability of Cholesterol for Making Your Sex Hormones.


FACT 8 a: Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer with Men on Statins – Insurance Database Found


FACT 8 b: Testis Shrinkage is a Statin Side-Effect Says research

The average age of the men in this study was 51.6 years; some were younger than 40 years. It was found the use of cholesterol lowering medication was linked to:

  • Testis volume getting smaller
  • This caused hidden low testosterone signs and symptoms

 FACT 8 c: Erectile Dysfunction is a Statin Side-Effect Says Research

Is Heart Health Medicines Treatments and Advice of: High blood pressure medication, High cholesterol lowering mediation (statins), Low fat diets and Operations, Correct?

Welcome to Cholesterol Detectives. Now I’d like to hear from you. What do you think about this information?


6 thoughts on “8 High Cholesterol Myths VS Facts

  1. Nate

    This is why I try to stay away from the doctor…if something is bad for me then I can take medication to fix that issue, but have to deal with the next issue. Great information here, just don’t know where to go next 🙂

  2. Andrew

    That’s a good question. “Why does the 2016 WHO graph show Ischemic heart disease and Stroke as the # 1 and # 2 killers of your family and friends?” I look forward to learning more in future posts. I like many people are beginning to mistrust medical professionals and see the business as just a way for pharmaceutical companies to make huge profits. Maybe it is not in the interests of the system to tell the truth about health and wellness. After all, how can they make money if everyone becomes well?

  3. Alessandro

    Really? 15.2 million deaths from heart disease and stroke in one year only? What do people eat? How do they live their lives? Why there is so much ignorance, but most importantly, so little attention and care to our OWN bodies?

    Incredible! Insane!! Poor them!!!

    1. Citizen Science by RJ

      Hi Alessandro, You are so on to it. Most foods in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom is sold in Supermarkets. It is packets of processed carbohydrates full of trans fat, and hydrogenated vegetable and plant omega 6 oils. The Authority and government health sites promote low fat, high carbohydrate and suggest replacing butter with fake butters, lard and margarine made from the pro inflammatory omega 6 oils.
      Many must have permanent brain fog. But their belief at cholesterol & fat is bad is endemic. That is why this site is here.
      Yes it sure is poor them
      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you stopping by.


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