9 Ways Cholesterol is Needed By Your Body

By | February 19, 2019

Cholesterol’s an essential vital nutrient. This list of 9 ways cholesterol is needed by your body is supported by factual evidence.

1. Cholesterol is Located in Your Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerves

Medical research shows 60% (1) (2) of your brain consists of cholesterol and fats. But did you know that while your brain and spinal cord (central nervous systems location) makes up only 2% of the mass of your body weight, it contains almost (3) 25% of your body’s’ cholesterol? Most is located in your brain’s nervous system, particularly the myelin, (the fatty substance that surrounds nerves). This provides your nerves with the ability to send electrical impulses which control communication, and feeling sensations.

2. Cholesterol is a Nerve Conduction and Protection Ingredient

Nerve cells are known as Schwann cells and are protected by a cholesterol rich myelin sheath. Cholesterol has been recently shown to be important for synaptic transmission (nerve ends communicating with each other), and a link between cholesterol metabolism defects and neurodegenerative disorders is now recognized. Many neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by impaired cholesterol turnover in the brain.”

Medical research in 2011 in found “Recent findings suggest that alterations in cholesterol homeostasis (balance and levels) might be associated with Huntington’s disease (HD).” This research was conducted on rats.

Cholesterol and a fat family member, the phospholipids are both electrical insulators. They are involved in the transmission and conduction of electrical impulses along every nerve in your nervous system throughout your body.

3. Cholesterol is Located in Trillions of Your Cell Walls

Cholesterol is an important constituent (part) of cell membranes and plays a crucial role in the compartmentalization (separation of working parts) of the plasma membrane and signaling.” This means each one of the trillions of cells that make up your body has cholesterol as a construction ingredient. Cholesterol gives your cells strength, fluidity, and the ability to change shape.

 4. Cholesterol is an Ingredient of Bile

Bile helps your body digest and breakdown fats. Cholesterol is a mother ingredient of bile. Bile also absorbs the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D, E and K from your small intestines. Another important function of bile is to eliminate waste products via your faeces (poop).

 5. Cholesterol is an Ingredient and Building Block of Vitamin D

Cholesterol is a nutrient building block of vitamin D.

6. Cholesterol – the Sex Hormone Manufacturing Ingredient

Can you imagine a life without sex? Cholesterol is the precursor ingredient for the making of your sex hormones testosterone, progesterone and the estrogen’s.

7. Cholesterol is the Structural Ingredient That Makes Your Steroid Hormone Cortisol (Glucocorticoids).

These help regulate stress and blood pressure.

8. Your Steroid Mineral corticoids are Made from Cholesterol

These regulate your body’s excretion of electrolytes in urine from your bladder.

9. Your Immune Systems Pro-Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Triggers are Made from Cholesterol

Eicosanoids Family Members are; Prostaglandins, Thromboxanes & Leukotrienes

These are “groups of molecules derived (made) from fatty acids (fats) found in all call membranes; the potent prostaglandins have diverse (different) effects, including stimulating uterine contractions, regulation of blood pressure, control of gastrointestinal tract motility, and secretary (producing digestive enzymes, fluids & mucus) activity; both prostaglandins and leukotrienes are involved in inflammation; thromboxanes are powerful vasoconstrictors (narrow & reduce the diameter of your arteries and other blood vessels)’

NUMBERS 5-9 are supported by – Human Anatomy & physiology, Marieb, Elaine N. Hoehin, Katja. Chapter 2 Chemistry Comes Alive, page 46-47, Tenth Edition.

Conclusion to – 9 Ways Cholesterol is Needed by Your Body

Cholesterol’s  purpose is as a cornerstone vital nutrient which is located naturally throughout your body. Unbelievably it’s made by your own body.

Here’s the list of 9 ways cholesterol is needed by your body:

  1. Cholesterol is located in your brain, spinal cord and nerves
  2. Cholesterol a nerve conduction and protection ingredient
  3. Cholesterol’s located in trillions of your cells
  4. Cholesterol’s an ingredient in bile
  5. Cholesterol’s a building block for Vitamin D
  6. Cholesterol’s a structural component of your sex hormones
  7. Your stress hormones the cortisol steroids are made form cholesterol
  8. Mineralcorticoid steroids are made from cholesterol
  9. Your immune system’s, inflammation triggers, and inflammation calmer s  (prostaglandins) are made from cholesterol

Has this information surprised your? 

How do you feel about cholesterol now?



8 thoughts on “9 Ways Cholesterol is Needed By Your Body

  1. Marius

    Wow amazing article, most people these days when they see word cholesterol, think that it’s bad and it is truly amazing how you explained that we actually need cholesterol and that our body making cholesterol by itself. I found lots of information I didn’t knew before. Great article!

    1. admin

      Hey Marius, You are absolutely on to it – most people fear not only cholesterol but fat. Both of which are essential nutrient ingredients, our bodies need to be able to experience good quality wellbeing, free of dis-ease. I’m so glad you have found out information that you did not know about. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on this post.

  2. Dan Strong

    Thank you for discussing the importance of cholesterol! All I see is article after article of how bad it is and people never talk about how important it is for our bodies. Such a breath of fresh air to read this. Everyone is always afraid of raising it and I think that there is just a lot of misinformation out there that has confused so many people. It’s really important for our hormones! Thanks for the great work! I will definitely be sharing it with others.

    1. Citizen Science by RJ

      Hello Dan, I read your comment with a breath of relief. Fat and cholesterol fear is endemic. As you mentioned, the misinformation is confusing. How have you realized that cholesterol is important for hormones? The sharing of this vital information has become a passion of mine. You are so welcome here. It is great to connect Dan, thank you for your encouraging words.

  3. Rodger Frost

    Thank you for this article. How can we get the FDA, other medical professions, Pharmaceuticals to acknowledge these truth? I feel like they are intentionally trying to kill a self regulating body.

    1. admin

      Hey Rodger,
      Thankfully you know cholesterol is needed by our bodies.
      I to wonder if they are intentionally trying to kill our self regulating bodies?
      I’m interested, how do you eat to keep yourself healthy?
      Go well


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