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By | January 21, 2019

In my early teens, I saw my Dad’s sister and brother dragged off to a mental asylum with the hereditary disease, Huntington’s Chorea. This changed my life’s dreams for-ever.

15 years later, my first real love broke-up with me in the middle of our European Camper van trip in 1981. This manipulating professional did not have the courage or concerns, for my emotional or financial state. He had encouraged me to share the trip of a life-time with him. So I’d sold my horse, left my job and financed my share of the trip. But, whilst driving through the Italian Alps, he said our relationship was over. And that he could not marry me because of the hereditary Huntington’s disease.

So, many years ago, before the internet, I started researching libraries, for ways to improve the quality of my DNA. I investigated essential nutrition and food. How it could impact on my DNA. I found that there are 3 not 4, or 5, food groups macronutrients. These are, protein, fat & carbohydrate, plus, vitamins, minerals, & water. Then learned differences between processed & unprocessed food and organic. There were many techniques, and methods of health analysis and treatment I studied. Here are some of them: nutrition, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, medicinal herbs, naturopathy, herbalism, homeopathy, religious practices, holistic & functional medicine, and conventional western medicine.

My Career as a Registered Naturopath

I quickly learned that: “Nutrition from real, ancestral food, builds the cornerstone of the quality of your body’s health and wellbeing. Modern-day-disease like heart disease and type 2 diabetes did not exist 100 years ago.” I loved my life as a Registered Naturopathic because the values are based on prevention, and taking individual responsibility for your diet and lifestyle choices. I was good at solving: waist & weight gain, digestive pain, bloating, and reflux, health problems.

Methods I Used to Help My Clients

I needed a clear individual diet, food, and lifestyle, information in great detail, from my clients. An ‘eye-opening’ technique I used was to get them to fill in a ‘7 Day Food & Snack Log.’ I was always able to link their: weight gain or painful digestive problems to conventional food policies so-called ‘healthy diet.’ I’d use felt pens to circle in RED, the chains of sugars, from the carbohydrate sugar & starch families, with BLUE, every protein which contains the essential amino acid, with GREEN, real food fat & oils, and with YELLOW, processed hydrogenated trans-fats, they had eaten over the previous 7 days. A first appointment was 1-hour long.

Another method I used at their next appointment, was to look at the labels of their favorite snacks and foods, and get them to write a list of the product names, and the carbohydrates and sugars content. The amounts and frequency of the huge families: of cereals & grains, fruits & juice, low-fat foods and, starchy vegetables clients consumed, was alarming. These are all families of foods that were processed quickly into simple chains of sugars.

Why is this important to know and understand?

  • My KEY Human Anatomy and Physiology text by Elaine Marieb taught me that: ‘Insulin stored carbohydrate sugars as fat in a process called Lipogenesis. Lipogenesis is the name of the process your body uses to convert sugar and starch from carbohydrates to fat’ STEP 3 in Natural Anti inflammatory Diet Plan in 6 Steps explains this process and provides the evidence.

 Further Resources and Methods I Used as a Registered Naturopath

 #1. ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ by Weston A, Price. D.D.S taught me:  Modern-day processed food lacks nutrients. I showed my clients the photographic evidence of the adverse effect that modern processed food had on the physical and dental health of the children of indigenous cultures, who were forced to eat modern processed nutrient-deficient foods.

Modern Food Alters Physical Shape of Mouth

Modern food alters physical shape of mouth

In this family, the first child to the left was most injured in the formative period as shown in the form of the face and dental arches above and x-rays below. The first child required fifty-three hours of labor and the second three hours, preceded by special nutrition of the mother” says this quote from  FIG. 133. Chapter 22, Practical application of primitive wisdom, page 327, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. DDS.

Copies are available from the following websites or your local library:

#2. The 1994 edition of the book ‘Sexual Chemistry Understanding Our Hormones, The Pill and HRT’ by Dr. Ellen Grant, taught me:

  • “Cholesterol was the parent compound of our sex hormones.”
  • “Chemically made versions of the three steroid sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone and, testosterone are prescribed more than ever before. They interfere with cell chemistry, and cause wide-ranging effects to future generations, like a fall in sperm count and sex-hormone-dependent cancers.”

 #3. ‘Fats that Heal Fats that Kill’ the book by Udo Erasmus taught me:

  • Excess glucose is stored as fat
  • Mental deterioration is caused by a lack of the essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fats in the body
  • Low-cholesterol levels reduce the amount of serotonin in our brain. Serotonin is a hormone neurotransmitter that suppress aggressive behavior.
  • Grain allergic or intolerant people need to add extra protein to their diet. The glucose in protein is broken-down for the brain
  • Processed omega-6 vegetable and plant oils are hydrogenated at great heat to make them edible for human consumption. They are the main fat & oil in baked goods and potato chips. Trans-fats are made during the refining process
  • Fat calories do not trigger blood sugar or insulin
  • Carbohydrate calories trigger insulin and blood sugar

 #4. Clinical Nutrition: A Functional Approach by Jeffery, S. Bland, Linda Costarella, Buck Levin, DeAnn Liska, Dan Lukaczer, Barbara Schiltz, Michael A. Schmidt. A. 1999, The Institute for Functional Medicine, taught me:

  • Public health guidelines do not distinguish or identify carbohydrates
  • “Before diabetes was treated by insulin, diabetics were advised to consume only 20% of their total calories as carbohydrate”
  • Carbohydrates transform energy from sunlight into sugar, through photosynthesis
  • Carbohydrates and starch are chains of sugars
  • In all cases of gas and bloating it is essential to consider hypochorhydria (low-stomach-acid) as the prime cause
  • Protein sources must contain equal amounts of the essential amino acids

Diet and Techniques I Used as a Registered Naturopath

I found eating systems such as: Blood type, Paleo, Keto, Ancestral, Low carb & higher unrefined fats very helpful. My techniques were varied and depended on what sort of help, my client’s health required. Integrative Medicine suggested supplements, and Naturopathy was based on ‘Food as Thy Medicine’ so I suggested ‘real unprocessed food’ to help my clients improve their health problems by losing weight and eliminating digestive bloating, pain and reflux.

I found the Conventional food policies did not identify the 3 macronutrient food groups of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Or educate you, on how your body’s metabolism reacts to them or uses them as nutrients. Plus, the ‘healthy eating pyramids, plates, and guidelines are loaded with the plant families of sugars and refined heat-processed plant and seed oils.

What Are Conventional Food Policies: Are They Dangerous?

Conventional food policies are: so-called ‘healthy low-fat, high refined grains & cereals, and 3-5 fruits per day’ The wrong advice, and non-classification of the huge families of carbohydrates sugars (fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose & starch), has made us all believe that eating 75% of grains, fruit, starchy vegetables, & dairy at each meal and 100% for snacks builds wellbeing inside our bodies. The DANGERS & WAYS our body’s metabolism processes, glucose and, fructose, are not explained by the conventional government nutritional websites or our doctors.

STEP 3.1: in ‘Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan in 6 Steps’ explains a list of 5 things you need to know about the carbohydrate sugar, fructose.

STEP 3.2: in ‘Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan in 6 Steps’ explains what excess refined carbohydrates are. Plus, it also shows you a diagram that will help you identify them.

 Health Problems Conventional Food Policies and Medical Care Caused Me, My Family and Friend

  1. Trans fat margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oils killed my Dad – His traditional animal-based fats and butter had not been part of my Dads diet for many years.
  2. Low-fat diets increase my belly fat and waist size – Nurses accused me of lying about following their low-fat mainly carbohydrate diet plan.
  3. Rangi feared adding insulin balancing fats to his diet. His Doctors low fat diet, recommendations meant that each meal and snack contained a minimum of 75% of the chains of sugars from; fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose & starch. This caused beta-cell burnout of Rangi’s pancreas and killed him – Rangi asked me to let everyone know to – “Please look after their pancreas”.
  4. Could the recommended, so-called ‘healthy fats’, from the huge families of omega 6 plant oils, fake butter, and margarine; trigger my DNA to create symptoms of the hereditary Huntington’s disease, my genes carry? I have a half-sister 15 years younger than me, who has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease.

YES, says Chapter 9, in The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. Evidence shows that: vegetable oils interfere with your DNA and RNA and damage basic cell function. They are implicated in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. In mice studies, they trigger inflammation and infection.

VIEW Vegetable Oils: The Unknown Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2UnOryQiIY

Endemic Health Problems Caused by Conventional Food Policies Are:

Weight gain, loss of your waist, digestive bloating, pain, reflux, constipation, high blood pressure, heart disease & stroke, type 2 diabetes and beta-cell burnout of your pancreas, upper respiratory infections and asthma, plus, unresolved inflammation, and fatty liver caused by fructose by-passing insulin, then being stored as fat by the lipogenesis process.

How Cholesterol Detectives Can Help You:

Are you are ‘sick and tired, of being sick and tired’ every day? Do you want to feel vital and alive every day?

Do you follow Conventional Food Policies?

If you want to feel vital and alive, then you must be prepared to RE-THINK the number of carbohydrate sugars and processed vegetable and plant fat & oils, you eat at every meal and snack time.

Will those you love the most, steal your dreams of wanting to feel vital and alive each day and keep you inside herd thinking?

But are your eyes and mind open to re-think cholesterol?

Brilliant, then:

Learn how: inflammation not cholesterol causes heart disease. How cholesterol is a vital fat nutrient, which is needed and mostly made inside your body. Read about how cholesterol is needed and made by your body:

This ‘Whistle Blowing Cardiologist’ found fat and cholesterol did not clog arteries. He discovered that modern-day processed foods trigger inflammation inside the wall linings of arteries, blood vessels, and every cell inside the body:

FIRSTLY, he discovered: Our diet is overloaded with sugars, not fat

SECONDLY, he discovered: Our diets and processed food, is overloaded with vegetable oils and plant oil like canola, corn, soy, cotton, safflower, and sunflower. This causes an omega-3: Omega-6 imbalance and triggers inflammation inside your cells

THIRDLY, blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering and, diabetes medical drugs do not fix the root causes. The US National Library of Medicine said in 2014 that hypotension medication does not fix the reason why you’ve got high blood pressure.

What reduces unresolved inflammation?

Anti-inflammatory food, diets, and remedies do. But how do you know how much-unresolved inflammation is in your body? – Get two base-line blood tests:

STEP 1 & STEP 2: Here are two blood tests that let you know if you are eating enough anti-inflammatory food, or too much inflammation triggering food in your diet


#1. What fats are you eating every day?

This blood test tells you what your red blood cells omega-3 to omega-6 balance score is. Get your omega-3 to omega-6 score as soon as you can. It ought to be 1:1 but will likely be more than 1:16. – Don’t listen to ‘your vitality stealers’ by not getting this test.

 STEP 2:

#2. Do you know how much glucose is attached to, and attacking your red blood cells?

Knowing your A1C – Glycated Hemoglobin blood test lets you know when glucose is attached to your red blood cells and causing inflammation by damaging the internal walls of your arteries.

Get your A1C test as soon as you can. 0% is healthy and means NO glycated sugar is attached to your red blood cells.

Unhealthy red blood cells

Damaged Red Blood Cells and Fibrinogen Clump

 STEP 3: Avoid These Foods

These foods are all chains of sugars when processed in your body

  • Chains of sugars in fruits and fruit juices
  • Refined and whole grains and cereals
  • All low-fat brands of food
  • Potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, kumara (sweet potato), corn and beets
  • Fructose corn syrup products do not trigger insulin. But triggers your liver to store it as fat. This causes fatty liver
  • Omega-6 plant and vegetable oils like, canola, corn, soy, vegetable, cotton, sunflower, and safflower are chemically refined at high heat by hydrogenation. This has created an imbalance and high ratio of omega-6: to omega-3. A high ratio of 16:1, instead of 1:1. This triggers inflammation inside your cell walls because your body has had to use them as structural ingredients.


RJ is an ethical Citizen Scientist who is passionate about help imprint into your DNA that: your food is unknowingly triggering inflammation inside your body. She has lived with the ‘spin’ from the Multinationals all her life, so provides evidence from Medical Publications, on how inflammation, not cholesterol causes heart disease. Plus, what blood tests you need to identify: how sugars damage your red blood cells, and how vegetable, canola, corn & soy oils (to name a few) change the balance of healthy fats in your red blood cells. Baseline foundation solutions and remedies are: a natural anti-inflammatory; diet plan, herbs, and supplements.

 Thank you for visiting this site. I truly love and respect you when you take a positive interest, you are so very welcome. When you are full of spin and do not respect my freedom and the evidence that I present here, you are NOT welcome.

May your Health & Wellbeing journey find clarity of essential information so that you can rebuild the quality of your own DNA.



RJ is an Evidence-Based Investigator

Cholesterol Detectives

Citizen Science by RJ

27 thoughts on “About Cholesterol Detectives Citizen Scientist RJ

  1. Emily

    WOW! Your website sure is eye-opening! I’m sorry for what you and your loved ones have suffered from, but admire what you’ve done with it. I was especially drawn by the direct effect some foods have on our DNA and RNA. I have Asperger’s and while no one else in my family has been diagnosed with it, I see possible attributes in my mother and brother. The nature vs. nuture debate surrounding what causes our underlying disorders is really what got me interested in this field; I’m just starting a website that, when finished, will promote organic food. I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there and figuring out where to start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Dan

    This was a wonderful post RJ. I used to buy into all this hype of low-fat high-carb diets, but when I started looking at many of the people that were on them for long periods of time, they didn’t look healthy to me. They always looked puffy and tired. I’ve always been pretty fanatical about my diet because I’m into bodybuilding, but a year and a half ago I started on the keto diet and my eyes were really opened to how destructive sugar and carbs can be. I didn’t realize until I cut most of the carbs out how addicted to them I had become. I didn’t realize how up and down my blood sugar levels were constantly all day long due to the sugar. With the keto diet, my appetite is finally under control and I can maintain a weight I’m happy with. My doctors still always have something to say about my higher than average cholesterol (everyone in my family has it) and recommend cutting out as much fat and meat and possible but I’ve read the books and studies to know that’s not wise. Thank you so much for this enlightening post. Can’t wait to read more in the future!

    1. RJ Post author

      Hey Dan,
      Thank you for your wonderful detailed sharing of your personal journey on what you learned from observing unhealthy looking people. I found the keto diet stopped my craving. It helped my client lose weight and retain their waist size, plus, reduce digestive problems. What books and studies helped you move away from the Conventional Food Policy advice?


  3. Tristan

    This is an outstanding article. Your information is incredibly detailed and informative and it shows that you have a genuine interest in providing people with high quality information on improving their health. I play american football and do lots of weightlifting, strength and conditioning training and eating a large diet to maintain energy often means I end up eating whatever happens to be lying around the house when I am hungry outside of my normal prepared meals. I’ll be sure to readjust the amount of chain sugars I eat and have more nutritiously valuable snack alternatives to consume. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    1. RJ Post author

      Hello Tristan,
      This is a great comment. Thank you for appreciating the information cholesterol detectives provides. I’m please to know that you will be adjusting the amount of chains of sugar you eat after you train, at the gym or on the foot ball field.


  4. Jan Hinton


    thank you for sharing a great insight into our well being, so is the phase – we are what we eat, being proved not so true, as we could be eating the healthiest produce – of which could be playing havoc with our metabolism!
    Keep up your great work looking forward to reading more and hearing more about your story as it improves


    1. RJ Post author

      Hello Jan,
      Thank you for your comment. You’ve got it: ‘We are what we eat’, but outrageously, Conventional Food Policies provide us with ‘spin’ about what healthy food is. The food they provide is the root cause of Western Cultures endemic Modern diseases.


  5. Simon

    I learned a lot here. Great post. I think I have had the wrong view on what being healthy really is.
    I like the ways that Cholesterol Detectives Can Help You.

    keep up the good work 🙂

    1. RJ Post author

      Hey Simon,
      I’m excited to read, that because of this information you may re-think what being healthy really is. This is great news.
      Go well on your journey of learning about ‘what our Conventional Food Policies’ do to our wellbeing.


  6. Nate Stone

    Hey RJ,

    This is a really interesting article, I completely agree that modern processed diets are the cause of so many illnesses and make existing illnesses far worse. I advise people on how to increase testosterone (lots of people now suffer from low T) and two of the major things is eating unprocessed foods and getting enough healthy fats in your diet. Mainstream dietary advice has been extremely poor the past couple of decades and I believe it has caused a lot of the health issues people suffer from. It’s good to see other people talking about this, keep up the great work!

    1. RJ Post author

      Hey Nate,
      Glad to meet someone else who has discovered how much of our food is processed, and how damaging it is for testosterone levels. You are so right that ‘healthy fats and unprocessed food’ is missing in our diets.
      This is a great comment Nate, I appreciate that you care for our health too.


  7. Rodarrick

    If there is just one thing that caught my attention well in this post is the amount of research and details you have put here. I am sorry for what you and your family members have gone through but I admire your courage and strength to turn the difficulties to your advantages and research deeply, in order to help others out. Wow! This is great. Keep up

    1. RJ

      Hi Rodarrick,

      These are such positive comments, Thank you. And YES, your are right. I’ got strength from my health problems and learned how to research for answers.


  8. Rose

    Your post is really an inspiration one,so sorry for what happens to you about your boyfriend,a lot of people are suffering from nutritional deficiencies  which your post has dealt with it very well,the facts you made about how the food we eat have contact with our DNA is really enlightening,thanks so much for this post. Now many people will be able to learn from it 

    1. RJ

      Thank you Rose,

      I appreciate your reply. But their is no need to feel sorry for me because I ESCAPED, and freed my mind from ‘Conventional Health’ to ‘Wholistic health’ 


  9. Henderson

    I thought that this was supposed to be a very short story about you and how you have decided to open this page but you have in fact loaded it with so much information that one doesn’t even need to go to the library. It’s very interesting to learn that one should really reduce the amount of sugar intake to improve their health. I would like to ask, which diet is perfect for this. I see you have written a number of them here.

    1. RJ

      Hey Henderson,

      My site is evidence based. And that is why I’ve loaded research onto my ‘About page. I’m so pleased that your have found the FACTS helpful.


  10. Benson

    Hello RJ, so much I have learned in the course of reading this wonderful article of yours. Genetics is a very strong part of every human which is passed from parents to their offspring and little can be done when these things are already in the kid after birth, and that is why it is important we as parents take measures to protect our kids while they are still a fetus. I am in total support of the fact that processed food and chemicals used in preserving food items contribute a lot to affect the health of humans and measures should be taken to stop that.

    1. RJ

      Hello Benson,

      You are right about genetics being vital for human health. It is great that you know about the dangers of processed foods, and their links to many health problems.


  11. Bella

    Of a truth, I learnt well from this post. The direct influence of flood on our DNA and the effects it ends up having on our overall health too. You have opened my eyes to quite a lot of things that I would have overlooked on quite jormao days. Though you have gone through a lit of things in your life, I’m glad you were able to make something big and worthwhile out of it. This is really interesting and thumbs up to you for sharing here. Thanks

    1. RJ Post author

      Hi Bella,

      I love your ‘thumbs up’ – that is “Special” 

      Thanks Bella


  12. Bella

    Hi RJ, sorry about the emotional issue caused by this hereditary issue in the family which was a result of your break up. Some things are beyond our control and this one was clearly beyond yours. But I am proud you took up the challenge to make research which has contributed a lot to you and also the people you help with your articles and this one is obviously one of those, and I am pleased to have come across it. Thanks for the lesson.

    1. RJ Post author

      Hi Bella,

      I feel it really gratifying that you feel ‘proud’ of me for taking up my research challenge…

      Go well on your journey too Bella


  13. siamsk

    In fact, this was a great post. In fact, this is truly a wonderful article, I totally agree that modern-day processed diets cause so many illnesses and make them worse. The 2 main things most people suffer from now are eating unhealthy foods and getting enough healthy fat in your diet. Mainstream diet advice has been extremely weak over more than 50 decades , and I believe it has caused a lot of people with health problems. Thank you RJ

    1. RJ Post author

      Hey Siamsk – You’ve ‘got it’ 

      Mainstream diet advice has been wrong for many many decades now.

      I’m please that you have got something from this post.


  14. arzu hosan

    hello RJ, This is an outstanding article. I love reading your articles and have learned a lot about reading your articles. I’m a physically ill person. I can’t move at all because I cant walk. I have been sitting all day and this has caused a lot of fat in my body. So I was looking for an article that I could understand how to reduce my body fat by reading the article. After reading this article, I have learned a lot and I will try to follow this article

    1. RJ Post author

      Hello Arzu Hosan,

      I’m sorry to read that you are physically ill and have lost the ability to walk – that is hard…

      But I’m please that you have got something helpful from my about page.

      Go well in your lives journey 



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