We Access Medical Information which shows that Cholesterol and Restorative Fats are Essential Structural Components for YOUR SEX Hormone and Brain WELLBEING. Importantly, I want to help you lose your FEAR of Cholesterol and Restorative Fat. And show you that – Inflammation NOT Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease.

Your choices begin with essential information which are not commonly known about such as:

# 1. What is Cholesterol? NEW Research

# 2. 9 Ways Cholesterol is Needed By Your Body

# 3. Does Your Body Make Cholesterol? – Science Says YES

# 4. 8 Ways Total Low Cholesterol  Levels Harm Your Health

# 5. High Cholesterol Myth Vs Facts – NEW Research

# 6. What is the Cause of Heart Disease – Cardiologists Find it’s NOT Cholesterol…


  • Trans fat margarine s and hydrogenated vegetable oils killed my Dad – WHY?
  • Low fat diets increase my belly fat and waist size – WHY?
  • Rangi feared adding insulin balancing fats to his diet. His Doctors low fat diet, recommendations meant that each meal and snack contained a minimum of 70% carbohydrates. This destroyed the beta cells in his pancreas, and killed him – WHY?
  • Could the recommended, so called ‘healthy fats’, from the huge families of omega 6 plant oils, fake butters and margarine s; trigger my DNA to create symptoms of the hereditary Huntington’s disease my genes carry?

These vital unanswered questions, and my learned mistrust of doctors’ advice, started my investigative research and learning, many years ago…


The TITLE is:

‘Cholesterol Detective’ – A RESEARCHED INVESTIGATION

Why Low Fat Diets, Hypertension Medication and Cholesterol (Statins) Drugs Don’t Heal the Causes of Health Disease

  • PART 1. Cholesterol Is the Structural Ingredient of Your SEX Hormones
  • PART 2. Big Industry Pharmaceutical Medical Shenanigans
  • PART 3. Identify Hidden Triggers with Medical Tests
  • PART 4. Restorative Food as New Medicine

This book is progressing. Soon it will go to a medical editor.

Thank you for visiting this site. I truly love and respect you when you take a positive interest in finding essential information, you are so, so very welcome.

May Your Journey Find Clarity of Essential Wellbeing Information…


Cholesterol Detectives

Citizen Science by RJ

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