RJ creates evidence 'non spin' on how inflammation not cholesterol causes heart disease. Investigative blood tests are needed: how sugars damage red blood cells, how vegetable, canola, corn, & soy oils change the balance of fats in your red blood cells? Then you know how food is harming your body. A natural anti-inflammatory; diet plan, herbs and supplements are remedies

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Fat Found in Your Body

Fat found in your body are cornerstone nutrient ingredients. “Almost 60% of the human brain is fat. Fats (fatty acids) are the most crucial substances, that enable your brain to function at its best. Plus, the omega-3 fats, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are needed for fetal, postnatal, and brain wellbeing. Most brain growth is completed… Read More »

Inflammation Not Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease

“Over the past few years, it has become increasing clear that inflammation is at the root of atherosclerosis (heart disease and stroke), and its complications.” says evidence from The American Heart Association’s Circulation Journal in Part 1 of a 2-part article said, October 28, 2003. This research is telling us all that, inflammation not cholesterol causes heart disease.… Read More »

The Cholesterol Myths Book: Benefits

The Cholesterol Myths Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease by Dr. Ravnskov. The cholesterol myths book: benefits, is to help you lose your fear of the vital nutrients saturated fat, and cholesterol. It does this with evidence, which tells you that the businesses within our ‘Health Care System,’ are not telling you or your… Read More »

9 Ways Low Cholesterol Levels Harm Your Health

Do low cholesterol levels effect your brain? Low cholesterol risk factors are: suicide, cancer, stroke, depression, our grandparents losing their ability to fight and recover from illness, and Parkinson disease, says evidence. See the risk factors list next: 9 ways low cholesterol levels harm your health: Risk Factors Are You die sooner Your body loses its ability to… Read More »

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan in 6 Steps

A natural anti-inflammatory diet plan must get you to RE-THINK: what healthy food is, and what information providing blood tests you need to measure your starting point, and progress. It must clearly advise you to avoid inflammation triggering: fructose, refined carbohydrate, and omega 6 seed oils, and explain why this is vitally important for you to do. Natural… Read More »

21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

An authentic, 21-day anti-inflammatory diet plan must get you to avoid food that triggers inflammation and contain the following re-educational information: It must have the genuine ability to help you RE-THINK about: modern industrial processed and low-fat foods, the large families of refined carbohydrates (sugars & starch) food, and the food that contain too much omega 6 vegetable… Read More »

REVIEW: The Pioppi Diet A 21 Day Lifestyle Plan by Whistle Blowing Cardiologist

After 15 years as an operating Cardiologist in the UK health system, Dr Aseem Malhotra found: refined carbohydrates & sugar, NOT FAT were over eaten; fat & cholesterol does not block arteries, inflammation does; and 50 % of hospital staff were overweight, meaning education is ineffective when the wrong information is provided. What Made Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra… Read More »